Sexy Silk Lingerie

This fine week the busty and sexy blonde Ellie Jay has some more of her superb and sexy scenes to show off as usual. And for this one, you get to take a trip to her bedroom as she was very happy to get to take off this very sexy and revealing nightgown that she had. It was all black with red polka dots and trimmings and we can certainly say that they made her look even more sexy than usual. So let’s get on with her show and see her stripping out of it just for you today shall we everyone?

In her usual fashion, she comes in strutting her stuff all lusty and sensually and we bet that you just adore seeing her working her body nicely for you guys as well. Watch her slowly revealing those amazing curves, and see Ellie Jay showing off her tits first as always, as she know that you adore seeing her play with her juicy natural tits. Then of course she moves on until she’s completely naked for you, and she takes her time to tease you some more with her very lovely and sexy body! See you soon everyone and stay tuned for more of her! If you wanna see other busty chicks getting naked for the camera, check out the site!


Check out busty Ellie taking off her sexy silk lingerie!