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Ellie Jay – White Corset

Another fresh week and time for another sexy and hot Ellie Jay update. Just like in this nice and hot update that you can see while clicking here the babe went off for another sexy and kinky outdoor shoot. You know perfectly well how her dirty little mind works, and there’s no question that she knew full well what she was doing. She knows that seeing her pose outside turns you on even more, and since she was horny as hell just as well, she wanted to do something really naughty and kinky once more. So let’s watch her in action as she gets to play with her sexy body for you and get her show rolling today without delay.

The scene starts off with her exiting the door to her left and you could see that she was wearing quite the sexy and cute white lingerie set with small and frilly edges. Just like the usual scenes, this one starts with her revealing her amazing boobs for you guys to see, and after playing and squeezing them a bit for your enjoyment, the lovely and sexy babe starts to take off the panties too. And she does so slowly, teasing you more and more as she takes them off bit by bit. Well have fun with it and do check out her past updates as well to see some more of her simply superb and sexy image galleries everyone!


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Ellie Jay Squeezing Her H Cup Boobs

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back. As this new week swung by we just had to bring you another one of miss Ellie Jay little scenes today as well. The sexy and hot blonde was all horny and naughty once more and ready to play, and she was not going to be satisfied until she showed everything that she had on cameras either. Well she always does that anyway, but you know what we mean. She always wants to give 100% for you guys without anything less. So let’s take a seat and enjoy the blonde in another one of her galleries.


This time Ellie was in more of a casual looking outfit, that consisted of just her sexy coral blue lingerie. And just like usual she was all ready and set to take it off for you guys as well. So let’s just sit back and watch her in action as she plays with those huge melons, and then see her as she teases you while she slips one of her hands in her panties and rubs herself for you guys as well this time. Enjoy her naughty and sizzling hot show as always everyone, and do come back next week for another one of her sexy scenes! If you are looking for similar pictures, check out the http://farangdingdong.net site and see some beautiful Asian ladies massaging their phenomenal tits!

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Sexy Silk Lingerie

This fine week the busty and sexy blonde Ellie Jay has some more of her superb and sexy scenes to show off as usual. And for this one, you get to take a trip to her bedroom as she was very happy to get to take off this very sexy and revealing nightgown that she had. It was all black with red polka dots and trimmings and we can certainly say that they made her look even more sexy than usual. So let’s get on with her show and see her stripping out of it just for you today shall we everyone?

In her usual fashion, she comes in strutting her stuff all lusty and sensually and we bet that you just adore seeing her working her body nicely for you guys as well. Watch her slowly revealing those amazing curves, and see Ellie Jay showing off her tits first as always, as she know that you adore seeing her play with her juicy natural tits. Then of course she moves on until she’s completely naked for you, and she takes her time to tease you some more with her very lovely and sexy body! See you soon everyone and stay tuned for more of her! If you wanna see other busty chicks getting naked for the camera, check out the www.pornxn.org site!


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Ellie Jay Sexy In A Leather Corset

Well the naughty and sexy miss Ellie Jay is back with another superb little update. This fine afternoon you get to see the super sexy and busty blonde as she gets to show off her new hot and sexy leather corset. She’s really happy with her latest purchase, and when you will see her wearing it you will understand exactly why as well. Like the chicks from the herzogvideos blog, she loves getting naked for the camera, so let’s see her in action today too as she was really eager to show it off for you guys as well. And this will be quite the show you can rest assured.


Naughty miss Ellie comes in revealing the said corset. And as you can clearly see, it made this super hot and sexy blonde look even hotter today too. Sit back and watch her starting to play as she begins to pose, and from what you can see, her big and round natural tits are nicely squeezed by it too. Of course, you will get to see her taking it off as well for you, and she was really happy to get to do it as well. Enjoy the nice and sexy show today and see you next week with another one of her superb and hot sexual adventures everyone.

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School Girl Ellie

If you thought the blonde could get naughty last week, you just need to see this Ellie Jay update everyone. The sexy little lady decided to go full naughty mode again, and this time she had all to herself a nice and sexy schoolgirl uniform that she was all ready to wear as she showed off her body once more. Let’s get the action going in this scene today, and see the lovely and adorable babe as she gets to play with her lovely body on the bed just for you guys to enjoy too. It’s quite the scene to see as well.

The scene starts off with her in the said outfit, and she was already feeling kinky and naughty too. So Ellie Jay was all eager to start off her superb little update with some nice showing off too. Let’s see the action go down with the babe as she reveals more and more for you while posing cute, sensually and sexy too. Enjoy seeing her go all out and showing off and parading that amazing nude body for you guys just like always. We will be waiting for you to return next week with more of her very lovely and sexy updates! Also you might enter the site and see other beauties getting naked!


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Ellie Jay Naked In The Dinning Room

Another fresh week and time for some more of the sexy and horny Ellie Jay. Just like in this update right here the babe decided to get naughty and kinky again for you, and she’s quite sure that you will adore her latest entry in her collection of superb images of her getting down and dirty for you. And as you can see, this time, the lovely babe decided to play with her body in the dining room as well. She loves rubbing her nipples on the camera! And she was dressed for the occasion too. Anyway, let’s take the time to see her at play again!

ellie-jay-naked-in-the-dining-roomAs the cameras starts to roll, the busty and curvy blonde babe makes her entry wearing quite the amazing looking night dress, and according to her, this she only wears for special occasions. It seems that this was the case too, as you know that she always likes to go the extra mile for you and make sure that you love what you see. So just take your time to see her as she whips out her giant titties once more and see her playing with them once more for you guys to see! See you guys next week with some more nice scenes!

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Ellie’s Massive Boobs

Well for this fine and hot update this week, the gorgeous blonde Ellie Jay has some more showing off to do in front of you. And this time as always, it’s a superb and sexy solo scene with her as she gets to play with her body in front of the cameras and you. Let’s see the kinky and sexy blonde babe as she gets around to play with those massive round natural jugs one more time, and see her stripping out of her sexy clothes as we said. We know that you will just adore this little naughty scene of hers.

For this one she took to her living room once more and as usual she was very eager and happy to get to pose all naughty and kinky for you guys today too. Ellie Jay was sporting a nice and sexy little purple skirt that made her look super sexy and we know you will agree. Take the time to see her revealing her sexy nude curves for you once more and take your time to enjoy watching her play with herself. We’re sure that she will please you as always, and rest assured that there’s more of her on the way. See this hot busty babe having lots of fun with herself! Also you might visit the alexandramoore.org site and see a beautiful lady massaging her perfect tits!


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Hot Ellie Jay Video Session

For this fine day, we bring you the sexy blonde in a hot and sexy Ellie Jay video as she gets to play around some more for you guys. For this whole video scene, you get to see the adorable and cute blonde in the shower washing her sexy body, and of course you get to see her all nude while doing it too. You know that she just adores to be a tease, and she is sure not going to stop that today either. Let’s tale the time to see her in action as she gets to play with her lovely and round tits for you guys this fine day today everyone.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://elliejay.net/trailers/ellie-jay-video.flv’ width=’320′ height=’240′ clickurl=’http://elliejay.net/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://elliejay.net/trailers/ellie-jay-video.jpg’ /]

As the video kicks off, you get to see the babe removing her clothes, and teasing you with her nude body as she enters the shower. Once in there, you get to see her soap up nicely and she makes it a point to tease you some more as she massages and squeezes her sexy round tits as well. And her playful side comes out too, as she presses her naturally big and round tits against the glass as well for you guys to see. See you next time guys! For similar videos and pics, check out the joybear site and see some beautiful chicks getting their eager cunts fucked!

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Hot Leopard Lingerie

Hey there once more everyone, the cute blonde with sexy and hot curves Ellie Jay is back again for you, and she’s as kinky and hot as always. This time you get to see the busty beauty as she sports her sexy and hot leopard nightly set with a superb looking lingerie and dress. And this cute blonde was very eager to get to show off to everyone too. Let’s get to see her in action without delay as we bet that you are also eager to see her at play too without any delays. So let’s her in action this fine afternoon.

As the scene starts, it seems that for this one, the blonde wanted to pose outside for her scene, and we have to agree that it was a perfect choice, as the sun just made her look super sexy as it was glaring of her skin. Watch her slowing reveal her boobs as she takes off the dress first, and then see her as she gets to play with her nice and round boobs for a while too. Of course that is followed by her showing off her cute leopard panties too, and well, you can pretty much guess where this will be going. If you wanna see some busty ladies getting their pink pussies fucked, visit the Busty Beauties site!


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Ellie Jay Nude In The Kitchen

Hey there guys, we’re back with another superb and sexy Ellie Jay nude update for you guys to see. The sexy and curvy Ellie is once more in the mood to play solo just for you, and it’s as sexy as her last scene that you can sit back and watch right here. Though this time, the curvy and sexy busty babe seems to have chosen the kitchen as her little set to pose in. And as you can see, the collection of images with her is simply superb today as well. Let’s sit back and take the time to admire this lovely babe as she gets to show off as much as she wants today for you as well. So make sure that you don’t miss a single image in her gallery today everyone.


As this fresh scene gets started, the sexy and luscious babe makes her entry wearing just a sexy and hot set of lingerie, and nothing else. And of course, right from the start, the babe is all about teasing and exposing her curves, so you get to see her slowly taking off one item of clothing after the other until she’s pretty much all nude. Sit back and watch her showing off that sexy naked and curvy body of hers along with her nice and round ass and natural tits too, and enjoy the whole view that she gives you. And do stay tuned for next week’s update when this lovely babe will come back with much more for you guys to see! If you liked this scene, join the cearalynch.org site and see another stunning chicks getting naked and playing with herself!

Watch here busty blonde Ellie stripping in her kitchen!

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